Tammy Banks

Co-founder and Director of Taye Training | Founder of Training 4 Influence

Tammy Banks

Co-founder and Director of Taye Training | Founder of Training 4 Influence

Tammy is the strategic lead for Taye Training. Tammy’s personal history, academic achievements and work experience led her, along with Faye Fox, to develop a training company that supports operational experts to become trainers and deliver training that is effective, affordable and values-based.

Tammy developed the method Training 4 Influence by analysing the feedback and impact of thousands of Taye sessions. For further information, please visit www.training4influence.org.uk.

Tammy’s delivery style is very engaging and person-centred. She is passionate about preventing abuse and enabling change.

Tammy believes that professionals working in criminal justice, social care and charities are perfectly positioned to change lives and that effective values-based training has an important role in empowering them to do just that.

Delegates describe Tammy’s style of speaking and training as “flexible, engaging, bespoke and inspirational”.

Current Roles

Director of the Association of Child Protection Professionals.

Lay Member for the House of Commons’ Committee on Standards, assessing and adjudicating complaints referred by the Commissioner and assisting with the development of new Codes of Conduct for MPs.


Tammy has over 20 years operations experience working across criminal justice, social care and the third sector. Her experience includes a operational and management roles in statutory and charitable homelessness services, delivering group interventions to people in prison and as CEO of a charity working to prevent sexual abuse. Tammy is often found speaking at conferences about her history, passion and how the Training 4 Influence method.

Tammy also coaches leaders individually, audits organisations and facilitates group sessions.

Tammy is the author of the book, Training 4 Influence; please click here for further details.


  • PTLLS (Level 4)
  • BSc. (Hons) Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology (Post-Graduate)
  • Leadership and Management (Post-Graduate)

  • Fundraising (Post-Graduate)

  • Coaching (Post-Graduate)

  • Training 4 Influence Accredited