Person Centred Support Planning

Person-centred planning is at the heart of much UK policy relating to the provision of social care services.

It refers to a family of approaches aimed at enabling people who use services to plan their own futures and to get the services that they need. While the terminology varies between different user groups, the fundamental values of the concept are the same – embracing the principles of independence, choice, inclusion, equality and empowerment as the foundations of service provision.


Person-centred planning can have many effects that go beyond the making of plans. It can create a space during which someone who is not usually listened to has central stage. It can insist that discussion is centred on what the person is telling us is important to them, with their words and behaviours, as well as what others feel is important for the person. It engages participants personally because person-centred planning can help to create new lifestyles, new homes and jobs, diverse kinds of support (informal and formal) and new social relationships.


Person-centred planning is standard within all good support services. However, to plan person centred support you need to be able to understand the principals, ask the right questions and build a rapor with your customer. These are skills that new staff may need to learn and more experienced staff may benefit from a refresher in.


Course Outline / Objectives
  • Seeing people first
  • The voice of the individual
  • Empower and Enable
  • Searching for strengths
  • The importance of language (and body language)
  • Helping a customer be future focussed
  • Conflicting objectives (yours vs theirs)
  • Building an effective relationship
  • How to ask questions
  • SMART objectives – what & how to use them properly

We can use existing organisations support plans within the practical elements of this course or use our own best practice example support plans.


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