Mental Capacity Act & Duty of Candour

Assessing Mental Capacity can be overwhelming for some professionals and good quality training is key.

* £350

Drugs and Alcohol Awareness

This Drug and Alcohol Awareness training course has been written to raise general awareness.

* £550

Drugs & Premises

The course includes discussion around legislative differences which impact on premises.

* £550

Leadership and Management Skills Training

Focuses on areas that 1000’s of operational staff have told us make the difference.

* £1100

Support Worker Skills

Covers the basics that a new support worker will need to keep themselves safe.

* £550

Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Level 2

An advanced course aimed at individuals who work with people at risk of domestic abuse.

* £550

Domestic Abuse: Level 1 Awareness

The course aims to help raise awareness and increase recognition of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

* £350

Working with Offenders

This course ensures that delegates leave with a good understanding of Working with Offenders.

* £550

Working with Sex Offenders

Taking a proactive approach in safely and effectively supporting sex offenders in the community.

* £550

Safer Recruitment

There have been a number of changes to barring and criminal record checks since it's introduction in 2012.

* £350

Train the Trainer

Benefits staff who are new to training or who wants to improve their existing training skills and techniques.

* £350

Designated Safeguarding Officer

The role of DSO is extremely important as they role model for, and support the rest of the organisation.

* £550

Safeguarding For Trustees

Understand your legal responsibility for safeguarding and your role within management committees.

* £350

Safeguarding Responder

Safeguarding Responder Training - this course was previously known as safeguarding level 3.

* £550

Safeguarding Alerter

Safeguarding Alerter Training - this course was previously known as safeguarding level 2.

* £550

Safeguarding Awareness

Safeguarding Awareness Training - this course was previously known as safeguarding level 1.

* £550

Lone Working

Flexible working practices mean that more people are regularly working away from an office based job.

* £350

The Criminal Justice System

Full day course focusing on The Criminal Justice System, suitable for anyone working with offenders.

* £550

Working with Young People

Full day course focusing on Working with Young People, suitable for support staff.

* £550

Working with Sex Workers

For support staff and managers working with people at risk of or engaging in sex work.

* £550

Initial Assessment

An accurate assessment allows us to make informed decisions about how we can best support users.

* £550

Principles of Risk Management

A risk assessment is devised to ensure the safety of staff, customers and the public.

* £550

Sexual Exploitation of Young People

This is a one day course covering Sexual Exploitation of Young People and Links to Substance Misuse.

* £550

Person Centred Support Planning

Our Person Centred Planning course is suitable for support staff working with any customer group.

* £550

Managing Challenging Behaviour

Course aims to equip staff with the ability to recognise early signs of challenging behaviour.

* £550

Equality and Diversity

Learn the skills to deliver a workshop that recognises the negative impact of discrimination and prejudice.

* £350

Support Planning

Support Planning course ideally suitable for support staff working with any customer group.

* £550


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