Coaching and mentoring can provide an array of benefits for organisations of all sizes. When conducted in an efficient and productive manner, coaching and mentoring provides employees a way to connect, achieve, learn and grow.


Our coaching and mentoring style is very person centred. However, recently the issues we have been asked to focus on in sessions are:


  • Change Management
  • Relationship building
  • Personal Development
  • Achieve organisational objectives
  • Team Efficiency
  • Work & home balance
  • Leadership techniques
  • Retention
The way we work

Coaching for Individuals - A professionally-qualified coach would work with your employees with the aim of enabling their personal goals within your organisational objectives. Individuals may benefit from executive coaching, performance coaching, career coaching or life coaching.


Coaching Consultancy - Our experienced consultants can work with your organisation to draw on a range of diagnostic tools and solutions to solve complex issues within your organisation. Through facilitated action learning methods, small group coaching sets and consultancy activity, we can identify your coaching needs and set an action plan in motion. Short-course provision Short courses are an excellent way of quickly tapping into the benefits of coaching, regardless of the size of your organisation. By attending a short, bespoke course, your leaders and managers will develop a grasp of the coaching skills necessary to bring out the best in your workforce.


Leadership Coaching - Leadership Coaching We will work with your managers and leaders to explore their individual management styles with a view to enhancing their relations with staff.



In many ways, coaching and mentoring overlap with one another but a mentor – defined as a wise teacher, guardian and friend – provides more medium to long-term support to an organisation (or individual within it) in comparison to the input provided by a coach which is usually regular sessions weekly or fortnightly for an agreed set time period.


Together through coaching or mentoring we will build a confidential and mutually-respectful business relationship designed to clarify your goals and aspirations, explore personal strategies, and drive forward the potential of your staff and organisation








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