As organisations expand and diversify its essential that they get the induction process for new staff right. Induction is essential, getting the induction process right can help you get new employees up to speed and productive as quickly as possible. Having a comprehensive, structured induction process has been shown to play a big part in improving long-term staff retention.


As an employer, your staff are your most important asset. Induction gives you the chance to welcome new employees and build on their positive attitude and enthusiasm for their new job. It's an opportunity to familiarise new members of staff with your organisation and to introduce them to their immediate colleagues and other members of the wider workforce. It's also an ideal opportunity to familiarise new recruits with your organisation's policies on areas such as health and safety, equality and discrimination.


Induction needs to properly planned and consistently delivered to ensure that all new employees are treated fairly and receive the same information.


Inductions is the time when you can reinforce organisational values and principles, set clear boundaries and prepare in the new staff member for a warm welcome and fruitful experience with the organisation. A planned and structured approach to induction process can make new staff feel welcomed, motivated and confident in their new role.


Our induction programmes are tailored to the needs of your organisation. We can develop the program for you to utilise at future dates with new employees or we can support and guide new staff through the program – whichever suits your organisation best.


Typically our inductions cover the following key areas/modules:
  • Organisational ethos and values
  • Strategic Overview and role positioning
  • Team structure
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Mandatory compliance training
  • Forms & Documentation
  • Information and support
  • Key mile stones and reflective practice
  • Skills practice
  • Employee benefits or facilities

We create a blended learning approach incorporating the various resources available within your organisation

Within our induction packages we can design and deliver a combination of:


  • Shadowing of experienced colleagues
  • Observations to check practice
  • Centralised organisational induction
  • Continued personal development
  • Customised packages to suit
  • An organisational specific induction workbook which evidences everything undertaken in the induction process
  • E-learning to introduce concepts and procedures/compliance
  • Face to face training on organisational specific mandatory training
  • Mentoring & buddying role for increased development and understanding
  • Professional discussions to embed learning and allow for questions

Induction needs to properly planned and consistently delivered to ensure that all new employees are treated fairly and receive the same information.





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