We each have a preferred learning style - a way of learning that suits us best. If you know and use the techniques that match your preferred way of learning, you learn more naturally. Because it is more natural for you, it becomes easier. And because it is easier, it is quicker - hence the name - Accelerated Learning.

By also incorporating well-researched memory techniques, Accelerated Learning makes learning an enjoyable, successful and satisfying experience.

Taye Training enables, encourages and includes accelerated learning techniques in all training sessions. This ensure that EVERY participant is engaged and learning at their optimum level.

Accelerated learning techniques

  1. Involve other senses.
    Stimulate your tactile senses with different fabrics, toys, materials. Eat something whilst you are learning. The taste can become anchored to the info and will help you recall it. The same with smell. The memory of smells is the most immediate memory system. Stimulating your senses will help the info come flooding back to your conscious mind.
  2. Teach someone else what you are learning.
    To really soak up the knowledge, plan to teach what you are learning to someone else. Having to be accountable for someone else's learning will make you pay more attention and really learn the material.
  3. Ask questions.
    Intelligence grows through curiosity. By formulating questions about the subjects you are studying, you become very focused on getting the answers. You zero in on the information, sifting through it to pick up the important points that answer the questions you set.
  4. What's in it for me?
    By focusing on all the ways it will benefit you, you give yourself more and more reasons to learn and studying becomes easier.
  5. Describe aloud in your own words.
    Paraphrasing aloud, causes you to dredge up and make conscious what you have learnt, and exposes the gaps in your knowledge that you can re-cover until it is part of you.
  6. Draw a picture and write in your own words.
    Draw on your linguistic intelligence by re-writing the information you are studying in your own words. This all helps change the information from something that is alien and foreign to something that is familliar and comfortable and accessible.
  7. Test the knowledge.
    Critical thinking and examination of the knowledge will deepen your understanding and speed your absorption of the subject.
  8. Move about.
    Sometimes we learn best by doing, so get into action. If your area of study involves physical skills, then get doing them. Kinesthetic movement locks knowledge in.
  9. Visualise the end result.
    See yourself practicing the skill you are learning or using the information you are studying as an expert. It's locked in to your brain and fully and easily accessible to you.
  10. Peak state and PMA.
    Develop a positive mental attitude towards your learning program. The principle of positivity will flood your system with feel-good endorphins and just make the whole training so much easier and more pleasurable.

Because it is more natural for you, it becomes easier

And because it is easier, it is quicker

Hence the name - Accelerated Learning!

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