Giving Back

Giving Back

Taye’s mission is to deliver high-quality, affordable and effective training. We believe passionately in the power of training to change lives, both of delegates and their service users.

Our story highlights Tammy’s and Faye’s long history of working in charities and many of our facilitators also work in the charity sector.

With this in mind, we aim to live our values and give back wherever possible. This includes delivering training at reduced rates for charities, offering free charity places at our events and regularly supporting, donating, fundraising and championing for the charity sector.

In addition to this, each year we ask for nominations of charities that are doing exceptional work, changing the lives of complex and vulnerable people but who need a little support and we offer them free safeguarding support, consultancy and training.

Taye’s Charity of the Year 2019

Good Chance uses the art and theatre to deliver hope.

They believe that it’s time for theatre and art to rediscover their ancient power to connect, help tell their shared story and create new opportunities. They do this by uniting communities in their “domes”, telling essential human stories (e.g. The Jungle) with their productions and co-creating projects with artists from around the world, through their Ensemble programme.

For further information about the work of Good Chance, click here.


Through theatre and art, Good Chance creates new kinds of communities to empower artists from across the world and connect people, stories and cultures.

  • Disrupt

    They redefine what art can do in the 21st century through the spaces, productions and programmes they create.

  • Explore

    They go to places where others don’t and where expression is under threat, finding new and untold stories.

  • Innovate

    They create ground-breaking ways of bringing different people together.

  • Welcome

    They embrace every individual’s unique traditions and skills.

  • Connect

    They build communities which become stronger than the sum of their individual parts.

  • Create

    They make world-leading work about the great challenge of living together now, building a crucible of stories of global and national relevance.

2020 Update

Good Chance do such fabulous work that Taye has agreed to support them on a specific project for a further two years!

Following the phenomenal international success of The JungleGood Chance, in collaboration with the world-famous creators of War Horse, Handspring Puppet Company, will present its most extraordinary work yet.

The Walk – a travelling festival of art and hope in support of refugees (with artistic direction from Amir Nizar Zuabi).

In 2021, The Walk will set off from the Syria-Turkey border and make its way back to the UK. At the heart of The Walk is ‘Little Amal’, a three-and-a-half-metre-tall puppet of a young refugee girl (created by the acclaimed Handspring Puppet Company).

Little Amal represents the face of all displaced children, many separated from their families and she will travel over 8,000km, embodying the urgent message of “Don’t forget about us”.

At this time of unprecedented global change, The Walk is an extraordinary artistic response: a cultural odyssey, transcending borders, politics and language, to tell a new story of shared humanity – and to ensure the world doesn’t forget the millions of displaced children, each with their own story, who are more vulnerable than ever during the global pandemic.

Little Amal urgently needs your help to advocate for and support young refugees. Please support The Walk by donating today, using any of the following links:

Visit Website

Taye’s Charity of the Year 2020

Channels is a charity dedicated to enhancing social mobility in the East Midlands, amidst a backdrop of regional inequality, particularly in education.

They provide high-quality schools’ outreach and careers advice, in partnership with world-class corporates and universities, usually based in London.

They are a student-lead organisation, informed by lived experience of disadvantage and inequality in education.

They draw on that experience to create engaging and innovative outreach programmes that inspire pupils to be bold when thinking about their future and back themselves to go the distance.


To enhance social mobility in the East Midlands, via better access to higher education and the professions, by facilitating partnerships between schools and corporates and innovating access methods to fit the unique challenges of the region.


  • Ambition

    Is the key to success anywhere; they encourage their pupils to be bold when thinking about their future and to take the same approach to Channels.

  • Inclusion

    Channels are not selective, every single pupil in a school that wants to get involved with them can, because they believe that every pupil can benefit from their programme, no matter their ability interests or intentions post 18.

  • Opportunity for all

    A child in Newark should have as much of a chance to succeed as a child in Tower Hamlets; the only thing that should determine your success is how you use opportunity, not whether or not you had it.

  • Student shaped

    Channels believe access programmes are best when they involve the people they want to help, to better account for their unique experiences.

  • Collaborative

    Access is a complex and multi-faceted problem. Channels believe it is best tackled in collaboration with a range of organisations from varied perspectives. That’s why they work with HEIs, industry and third sector organisations.

  • Innovative

    Traditional access methods have often contributed to the widening of the urban-rural divide. Channels blend the traditional with new, innovative methods of reaching pupils to deliver the best possible programme.

Find out more about Channels and the amazing work they do at:

Visit Website

If you would like to nominate someone or be considered as a Taye Training Charity of the Year, please get in touch with us at

If you would like to nominate someone or be considered as a Taye Training Charity of the Year, please get in touch with us at

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