Celebrating another year of Taye Training and our wonderful team!

On 14th December 2022, we held our first ever Taye Training awards.

Our awards were an opportunity to celebrate the wonderful work that our team do, and how they create inspirational training for their delegates which allows them to make a real difference to the lives of those who use their services.

It really was difficult to choose our winners as we have such an amazing team!

Professionalism Through Adversity

This award is for a facilitator who has demonstrated exceptional dedication, professionalism or fortitude. This would be for someone who dealt with something difficult in life, stepped in at the last minute or acted up in some capacity.
This year has been really hard for many facilitators – homelessness, bereavements, serious illnesses, family emergencies and technical disasters. We’re always amazed with the level of professionalism and commitment that our facilitators show to us and to our customers, and we’re always grateful for that.

Our winner is…Steve Sylvan!

Like several others, Steve has had a difficult year for a number of reasons. But in the face of serious life challenges, Steve has continuously delivered exceptional training (99% feedback average) and has always been an incredibly consistent, excellent facilitator. This year a customer has rearranged their plans explicitly so that Steve could deliver their training, based on the impact he’s had on their organisation over the previous year. He’s managed this while transitioning into a new, demanding and very worthwhile job role, and we’re very proud to have Steve as part of our team.

Outstanding Work Behind the Scenes

This award is for someone who has supported Taye in the areas that are less visible, but still important – consultancy, projects, course development – the list goes on. Often this work is easier to overlook because it happens seamlessly in the background, and we think it’s important that we recognise how fundamentally that work is to Taye and our mission.

Our winner is…Sophie Cooke!

A close up photograph of Sophie Cooke. Sophie has bright orange/pink hair that is chin length. Sophie is wearing dark rimmed glasses. Her top is dark orange.

Sophie has also had difficulties this year like so many others, but she has not only delivered fantastic training (34 sessions this year!) she has also been an integral force in so many of Taye’s projects over the year. Her expertise and willingness to support others has helped Taye to develop and allowed our reach to expand in new ways. Her work on the accessibility project is particularly notable, it’s a fantastic resource and will continue to impact the way we work and the way the training world works! Anything that Sophie produces is always of a high quality, including her presentations and documents.

Sophie has helped us with a number of projects for a variety of customers! She has created courses, written policies and procedures, created e-learning sessions, stepped in for delivery and development and created our free guide to ‘Creating Accessible Training’ (as well as holding an AMA and CPD session on neurodiversity and accessibility )

Transforming Lives

The winner of this award has had an impact not only on the organisations they’ve worked with, but especially the frontline workers who attended their sessions and therefore potentially thousands of service users.

Our winner is…Noel Moran!

Noel’s feedback for his sessions early this year inspired Catch 22 to book dozens more courses on his topic and has allowed his business Noela Yoga to take its first contract. It’s wonderful to be able to support Noel as he comes into his own.

“Noel was extremely informative and charismatic; he was knowledgeable about the field and used his personal experience in the most positive, proactive manner. It is so evident he should be working in this field and the love he has for relaying his experiences further perspire from him. What a pleasure – thank you Noel, you’re magic!”

Catch 22 delegate

Above and Beyond

This award is for the facilitator who is a champion of Taye in everything they do. Delivering excellent courses, referring organisations to us and going above and beyond to support their colleagues and peers.

Our winner is…Alan Savill!

Several facilitators have connected us with some amazing customers, but Alan has been one of Taye’s most vocal and outspoken supporters.

Alan has connected us with so many brilliant new customers, and has encouraged many people to attend our Train the Trainer course (which he is also a mentor for!) He truly is an amazing advocate for our Training 4 Influence methodology – expert, engaging, tailored and values-led.

Making an Impact

This award is for a facilitator who has developed or delivered services that have had a bigger impact than any of us ever expected.

Our winner is…Carmen Clarke!

There are again many people who have delivered amazing projects, but Carmen’s work on the Anti-Racism course for the Welsh Government has had an incredible impact not only on Taye, but arguably on the nation of Wales. Her work in building the tender, developing the course, supporting co-facilitators and delivering exceptional sessions has rippled out to other organisations – three other organisations having approached Taye about Anti-Racism courses based heavily on Carmen’s hard work.

New Facilitator of the Year

This award is for the person who either joined us this year, who’s settled in or who has become integral to the team in 2022.

Our winner is…Becky Dawson!

Becky Dawson finished her induction in late 2021, and hit the ground running in January this year – she has now delivered 28 sessions in 2022. She has recently lead on multiple customers with demanding time constraints or specialties, and she consistently receives great feedback and reviews on social media.

Overall Excellence

This award is to acknowledge the hard work that goes in to making courses run smoothly from the facilitator perspective – the admin, the development, the communication, meeting deadlines and of course exceptional delivery.

Our winner is…Carol Woodhead

Carol has demonstrated a consistent and reliable approach to everything she’s involved in. Her work as a T4I mentor this year has been really valued by her mentees and she has continued to build strong relationships with long standing customers and created new ones.

Celebrating our Central Team

We also took the opportunity to celebrate the amazing work that our central team does here at Taye Training. We couldn’t run without them!

We’ve welcomed quite a few new faces to our team this year and we are so thrilled to have everyone on board! Our central team is made up of:

  • Aleksandra Cichuta – L&D Coordinator (Hestia)
  • Alex Mullaney – Admin and Social Media Manager
  • Anya Bowman – L&D Administrator
  • Beckie Breakwell – Training 4 Influence Coordinator
  • Kayleigh Kelly – L&D Administrator
  • Lindsey Cotter – L&D Lead
  • Sallyanne Reed – L&D Lead (Hestia)
  • Terry Handley – Ofqual Project Manager